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Apprentice Legal Plan

specialIf you were faced with a legal problem today... What would you do? Who would you call? Could you afford...

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Member Benefits

affiliateThe Apprentice Legal Plan provides members with a comprehensive range of benefits...

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How It Works

how i worksWhen you have a legal issue, or require legal advice, simply contact Pre-Paid Legal directly...

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SecurePlus Express

Is your apprentice identity theft cover included as part of the Apprentice Legal plan... Read more

How we help

Identity theft is devastating both emotionally and financially and can happen to you... Read More

24/7 Support

When something does go wrong, our members know they need make only one call for help... Read More

Apprentice Edge

Apprentice Legal

Apprentice Edge provides apprentices with free access to online services and information including health and well being, study and career tools. It also engages apprentices with membership rewards, including a host of exclusive big brand discounts.
Apprentice Edge`s mission is to actively enhance apprentices' lives by:

• Reducing the financial and social pressures of being an apprentice.
• Uniting apprentices through the creation of a national apprentice membership.
• Providing the most effective apprentice engagement service for partners.

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Quick Links

Community Legal Centres
Legal Aid
Youth Law Centres
Youth Law Resources
Government Links

Apprenticeship Training

View hundreds of videos about getting a trade or skill and making the most of life and your future employment opportunities here...



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Legal Provider Network

Legal Provider Network

  Pre-Paid Legal provides Apprentice Legal Plan members with direct access to a quality law firm when they have a legal need. Our Legal Service Provider System is the result of...

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Pre-Paid Legal Services

Pre-Paid Legal Services

Pre-Paid Legal Services provides affordable legal access to its members through cost effective pre-paid legal plans. A Pre-Paid Legal Plan will provide you, your family and your business with immediate...

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    Members' Testimonials   As a member myself; I can confirm the comfort I get by being able to call a Lawyer with a question at any time and know that...

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